Wild Field Events Ltd. is a UK-based events company that runs festivals, weddings, parties and fairs.  Wild Field Events Ltd. understands that the events that it manages have environmental, social and economic impacts. It is therefore committed to the development, implementation and continual improvement of a sustainable event management system to minimise any negative impacts of its operations.

Our approach is to embed sustainable management principles across all events for which it is responsible.

The Company’s sustainable event management principles are:

  • Integrity & Ethical Behaviour: To act ethically and with integrity in our event operations with regard for the law and without bias, including in our dealings with our employees, customers, suppliers and towards society and the environment.
  • Inclusivity & Accessibility: To produce high quality events that are inclusive and accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.
  • Environmental Performance: To minimise the impact of events on the environment.
  • Collaboration & Transparency: To collaborate and build relationships with stakeholders and the general public and to ensure that all stakeholders have access to all relevant information about event operations.
  • Legality: To meet and exceed all applicable legal and regulatory requirements in all activities.
  • Stewardship: To show leadership and best practice in sustainable event management.
  • Wild Field Events Ltd. is committed to continual improvement and will monitor its performance against agreed sustainability objectives.


What can you do to help?

We’re busy behind the scenes doing as much as we can to realise our ambitions, but we need your help us to make our festival greener and cleaner, so here’s some things you can do before, during and after our events;

Travelling to our events

  • If you don’t live in West Sussex, consider the most sustainable way to travel here and back home. Make use of public transport where possible.
  • Walk to and from the events when possible. Many of our events take place around Chichester and are easy to travel to by foot or cycling, if public transport is not accessible please consider car share opportunities.



  • Dispose of your waste responsibly by using the recycling systems in place.
  • Recycle any Festival brochures or leaflets when you are finished with them.
  • Reuse cups at the bars and food outlets as many times as you can.
  • Visit our website, or sign up to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for event updates so we can reduce the amount of print material we produce.


Use Eco Friendly products


  • The organisers are committed to making Wild Field Family Festival as eco-friendly as possible. One of the ways we will doing this is by providing everyone access to eco washing up liquid, eco shampoos and shower gels and eco hand wash at all our shower, washing up stations and hand wash points. This way we can be sure that the natural environment that we are using will remain undamaged.


Tell all your friends about the importance of helping us with all of this to reduce the impact Wild Field Events Ltd. has on the environment.