Fun activities, workshops and entertainment 



Come and have fun with Dan the Hat - Juggler, Comedian & Stupid Stuntman.

Dan has been performing for the last 16 years, all over the world. ​He has worked at festivals, on stages and on the streets in front of thousands of people. From posh parties in Barbados and the QE2 to the muddied fields of Glastonbury Festival.​ Let Dan the Hat take you on a frenzied journey of skills and comedy. Audience interaction throughout, (whether they like not!) A mixture of serious skills, stupid stunts and frenzied ‘Off the Wall’ improv comedy. World class hat manipulation, juggling and YoYo - interspersed with ridiculous feats of stupidity!   Warning this show contains - The world renowned “Fruit Catch of Death”, the “Bear Trap for Children” and the “Mini Me Parachute Stunt” Dan will be performing throughout the weekend.  This is a family Show that’s not to be missed!


             Watch some awesome skills and release your Hula Hoop skills with 'Emma P' during the festival! 

               It's all about "giggles with wiggles!"

          Emma P has taught hundreds of people the basics as well as more advanced tricks and flourishes

       with a hoop. She has hula hoops in a wide range of weights and sizes, so everyone can join in and have a go!!  She has games for children and can teach more advanced moves to those who are keen to learn! She is excited to be coming to perform and teach at Wild Field Family Festival.  Emma P works as a travelling show girl, working solo and collaborating with groups of other circus artists.  She'll be performing a Glow Hoop Show for the campers after hours entertainment as well as daytime shows and Hula Hoop workshops.

             STREET THEATRE


                                                   Daisy & Buttercup are The Jersey Girls.  Two ladies playing                                                      the field. Out and about- moo-ving, mingling and occasionally dancing, in                                                       amongst the strange world of the human herd. Watch out for these two buxom                                            bovine beauties as they go hoof loose and fancy free, leaning on the gate, chewing the                                              cud and stopping to ruminate on the goings on around them. Watch them    Interact  with anyone and everyone, causing laughter, joy and sheer wonderment wherever they lay their pats. Yes, the "Jersey Girls" are big characters with bigger ideas!  Marvellous and Unique interactive street theatre. 


Plus an exciting afternoon/evening with

                          Something From Nothing Theatre Company 

                                  Creating spontaneous,  improvised theatre through a unique collaboration between                                      performers and audience. We encourage people to share their real stories and -                                          through the magic of theatre  - We bring those stories to life.

                                                        CIRCUS SKILLS 

                                      Adults, kids and everyone in between, come and learn how to Juggle, spin a Plate,                                            Hula Hoop, throw a Diablo, learn a Hat Trick or walk on a Tightrope with one of the                                          gang at the Circus Workshop. Juggling balls, Diablos and Spinning plates will also be for                              sale at the workshop.





Chichester Forest School will be running fun woodland and nature themed activities

throughout the weekend. Adults and children can get your hands dirty and learn

new skills including wood crafts, enjoy campfire cooking, get creative with nature,

try slack-lining, have a go at den building and much more.



                                    Join the Fun Food Academy as they cook up some tasty treats in the Children's                                                  Cookery School workshops. Children will have a chance to make some yummy food,                                        learn about healthy eating and take some away to eat with them.




We are so excited to announce that GITTA DE RIDDER is joining us for the first

Wild Field Family Festival this summer. Gitta is an Anglo-Dutch singer-songwriter who

performs with a purity and simplicity that would melt the heart of even the greatest cynic.

Inspired by modern folk artists such as Anais Mitchell and Iron & Wine, she has been playing

and releasing her songs since late 2014, conjuring a world of feeling. Where the poetry of words

meets the honesty and rawness of folk music Gitta manages to bring in a lightness and pop-edge

without losing sight of meaning and authenticity. With two albums and an EP to her name this lady has seen support from BBC6, BBC Scotland, IRE1, 8Radio Ireland, Dutch Radio 2 and Radio 5 as well as many local stations and folk/americana focused  blogs / publications around the UK and the Netherlands. Gitta will be joining us after her European tour from Autumn ’18 till Spring ’19.     The Wheel" Official Video 



                                                         Get your feet tapping to Strike the Bow, incredibly talented local folk band offering a                                                            wide variety of music including: traditional Irish and English, bluegrass, appalachian                                                         and Australian folk. Listen to Strike the Bow here!


Chill out listening to RG duo 
Established in 2018, RG are part of Sussex Steel, a local charity that provides education in                                                  the art of Steelpan to children and members of the community. They are passionate about                                                  spreading joy through the evocative sound of steel pans and bring fun and friendship to                                                      every performance.


Join in with the exciting percussion drumming workshops run by Daniel Gilmore

from Sussex Music Workshops taking part on both Saturday & Sunday Mornings.

Perform traditional African rhythms in a drum circle or bring some of your own

camping pots and pans and take part in a cool junk percussion workshop.



                   Get bouncing with KTroo exercise rebound sessions.

                                          Ktroo will provide the bouncy boots and children and adults will be bouncing & laughing

                                      to music & playing lots of bouncing games too. (Small charge applies) 




"Bluebell loves to sing all day.....Find her door along the way"

Enter the rainbow woods to follow the fairy door trail.

Come and look for the seek and find doors and 

join us on a fantasy trail with magical clues and signs. Hiding around the woods to delight you are enchanted doors. Some maybe hard to find but just like magic, they can be found anywhere                            

                                 if you know where to lookVisit the Cobwebs & Wishes stall to pick the trail clues. Before                            you set off you can make your magic fairy wands in t arts & crafts tent to help you find your                                way!. Don't forget to bring your fairy wings and join in the fun!


           ARTS & CRAFTS


                                      There will be a range of art , crafts and creative hands on activities that all ages can                                           have ago at. Including helping to create our rainbow woods, clay sculpting, painting,                                        wand making and much more.


                         Please note: Many of the workshops and activities are free of charged, however some charges may apply where activities and workshops are being run by independent stalls. 



Wild Field Family Festival is committed to it's Leave No Trace' Sustainability Policy.

We will be running some green initiative activities, helping you to become 'greener'

festival goers! We will be asking campers to collect your plastic waste that you create at

the festival, Then bring it to one of our green workshops (after cleaning it in with our Eco products in our Eco Wash Stations!) Then you will get a chance to up-cycle the waste plastic into something more creative, beautiful or usable.